Class: SmartBanner



(static) create(params)

Create and display a Smart Banner.
Name Type Description
params Object
Name Type Description
target string ID of the div where the Smart Banner will be shown.
options Object Visual customization options.
Name Type Description
description string Custom app description. Won't be shown if not specified.
rating string App rating between 0 and 5, in 0.5 increments. 4 by default.
reviews string Number of reviews. Won't be shown if not specified.
position string Position of the banner, top or bottom (default).
bgColor string Banner background color.
txtColor string Banner text color.
closeBtnColor string Close button color.
btnBgColor string "Get button" background color.
btnTxtColor string "Get button" text color.
reviewsColor string "Number of reviews" color.
btnTxt string "Get button" text.
icon string URL for a custom icon. App icon will be used if not specified.
customData Object.<string, string> Custom data attached to this Smart Banner.
onShow function Called when the Smart Banner is displayed.
onHide function Called when the Smart Banner is hidden.